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Cleaning can be time consuming especially when you have to maintain a cleaning schedule. Set your general cleaning on auto pilot with us.

Please note: We're not a professional cleaning company.


Helping putting away laundry.
Helping flip matteresses in the fall.
Wiping down windowsills.
De-clutter closets, switch out summer clothing for fall/winter clothing.
Vacuuming carpets


Re-stock toiletries
Cleaning countertops
Shower/tub cleaning
Floor cleaning


Cleaning the oven
Cleaning inside the refrigerator
Cleaning underneath the refrigerator
Helping toss out old food
Cleaning dishes
Floor cleaning
Cabinet cleaning
Pantry cleaning and organizing
Microwave cleaning

Living Rooms

Clean ceiling fan
Clean light fixtures
Clear cobwebs
Wipe down all switches and door knobs
Cleaning underneath furniture
Vacuuming floors
Cleaning under couch cushions
Dusting picture frames
Clean and organize TV stand
Clean windows


Cleaning dust and dirt build up from storage areas
Helping take inventory of the items you have
Moving unwanted and/or broken items
Organizing your garage and shed space
Organizing holiday decorations
Taking out the trash
Breaking down cardboard boxes


Cleaning gutters and downspouts (limited to 1 story high)
Cleaning the BBQ grill
Cleaning off light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed
Draining and storing the water hoses
Washing outside of windows
Washing outdoor furniture
Patio cleaning
Clean window boxes
Clear out doorway cobwebs

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Updated on: 10/08/2022

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