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How can I update my account information?

You have 2 accounts associated with ToDooly

The first is your ToDooly account that is tied to your email and phone number.
The second is your ToDooly Wallet with a platform called Stripe.

NOTE: If you want to update your ToDooly account's email or phone number, you're going to want to call 313-777-6860 and ask for a support representative to help you update your account information. Our support hours are from 9 AM - 6 PM EST and we try to get back to you within 1-2 business days.
Please bear with us as we continue the development of our platform to allow for features like updating your email and phone. Security is very important to us here at ToDooly and in order to ensure your account is safe, it takes time to build the features correctly.

If you want to update your banking information or email associated to your ToDooly Wallet continue with the steps below.

Step 1) Navigate to your ToDooly Wallet

After you navigate to your wallet, click on the manage button.

Navigate to Manage Button in ToDooly Wallet

Step 2) Click on the Person Icon and Click on your email address

Click on the Person Icon & then your Email

Step 3) Confirm Your Email with a Verification Code

Email Verification Screen

Step 4) Enter New Email to be Associated with your ToDooly wallet.

Enter New Email

Step 5) After Your Account is Confirmed, You're All Set!

You're done! Woohoo! Hopefully you've successfully updated your account information.

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Updated on: 10/08/2022

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