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I posted my job, now what?

Ready, set, now what?

From this point forward you will receive email updates about your job. The first email is in your inbox right now, with all your booking confirmation details.

If any of your booking information is incorrect, please call us at 313-777-8052.

You can also view and manage your job through the My Jobs tab on the web app and mobile app. To access our web app, go to our website and click "Post a Job".

After your job is posted, all of our Doers are notified and can view the job within their own ToDooly Doer app. If a Doer accepts your job, you'll be notified!

Once your job has all the Doers you requested signed up, you will receive an email letting you know that you are all set with your scheduled job. You can directly communicate with your Doer(s) through the Messages tab on the website and app.

On the Day of the Job

You will be greeted by our Doer(s) and they will clock in to start working.

This is how we keep track of the work actually being done. You will also receive a text message when as your Doer(s) clock in.

Greet your Doer(s), explain the task at hand, and provide them with any necessary tools. Then they'll get to work!

Make sure to clearly explain the task and your expectations for the final result. Our Doers are locals lending a hand, not pros.

After the work is completed, the Doer(s) will clock out and you'll receive a text letting you know your Doer(s) have clocked out.

We handle the payment! The card we have on file for you will be charged after the job is completed. Your Doer(s) will also be paid through our system.
If your Doer(s) did a fantastic job and you'd like to give them a cash tip, you're free to do so! Tips are always appreciated, but never expected. You can also contact us to leave a tip through your credit card on file.

Rate your Doer(s)! After the job is complete, you will have a chance to rate your Doer(s) performance through the app and/or email.

Your feedback is essential in maintaining the high quality of our service and we appreciate it!

Boom! Done.

Have any questions? Contact ToDooly Support through the chat on our mobile app or by calling/texting us at (313) 777 - 8052.

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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