Not All Jobs Are Created Equal

Sometimes you just need someone to hold something up, change a few light bulbs, and maybe help move a couple of items. In this case, we are still happy to help.

We can book a job for at least 1 hour if you call but we still charge a 2 hour minimum.
Why do you still charge a 2 hour minimum?

Our Helpers often have to drive from other neighboring cities, and in some of those cases that can be anywhere from a 20-45 minute drive in some areas. In order to properly compensate our Helpers and pay them for their time, we charge a 2 hour miniumum.

To help fill up the 2 hour minimum, we have provided a list of ideas in this articles to help you get started on your to-do list.

When your Helpers arrive, just let them know what types of tasks have ready for them.

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