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What if my job runs over the time I scheduled?

If your job is not completed within the time you scheduled, you may ask if your Doer(s) can stay and continue working. You will be charged for the additional time your Doer(s) work at the same hourly rate. After the 2 hour minimum is reached, you are charged by the minute.

Note: Doers are only obligated to work for the scheduled time and may need to leave at the scheduled end time.

If your Doers are unable to stay longer, you may instead post an additional job for a later date in order to complete the work. You can contact ToDooly Support if you would like to request the same Doer(s).

Have any questions? Contact ToDooly Support through the chat on our mobile app or by calling/texting us at (313) 777 - 8052.

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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