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Why are there no jobs showing in the app?

If you don't see any jobs in the "Opportunities" section of your ToDooly Doer app, this means that all jobs have already been taken by other Doers. If you have your notifications turned on (turn them on by going to your Profile), you will receive push notifications each time a new job is posted. Be sure to be quick when you see an available job!

If there are no jobs available, you can still sign up for a job's Waitlist. Learn more about the Waitlist here.

Another reason you may not be seeing any jobs is that you haven't completed the application process. If you have yet to interview with a member of the ToDooly Team and get your account activated, you won't be able to see any jobs until you do so.

Have any questions? Contact ToDooly Support through the chat on our mobile app or by calling/texting us at (313) 777 - 8052.

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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