Your yard can be a home away from home. We can help tame and maintain your yard work!

We can help with a lot of cleanup, maintanence, and starter projects you may be thinking about doing. Below is a list of some things we have come up with but please feel free to call us at 313-777-8052 if you are still unsure.

Please Note: We're not a professional landscaping company.

Spring Yard Work Checklist

Clearing debris and weeds from the base of trees, shrubs, and flower beds.
Gather compostables like twigs or leaves left over from the winter.
Mulching tree rings and flower beds.
Spreading soil, grass seed, and fertilizer for lawn dead spots.
Raking leaves (you'll want the leaves to be completely dried to avoid grass ripping).
General weeding for lawn maintanence.
Removing dead plants or moving plants to another spot.
Planting flowers and seeding.
Moving small and medium sized rocks.
Trimming the hedges back.
Helping clean dirty patio furniture.
Helping set up patio furniture.
Hauling firewood
Help organize shed or garage.
Help prune trees and plants back.
Watering indoor plants.
Clearing debris from flat roofs.

Anything you can imagine or prep for in the spring that is not specialized, we can help with. So let your imagination run wild.

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